Product portfolio

Since 1982, we have been designing and manufacturing high-end products with a focus on high process stability. To ensure that we can keep this promise, our manufacturing processes are monitored for deviations by the integrated QM system. The product is extensively tested according to the specification before delivery.

A lean manufacturing organization allows us to respond flexibly and promptly to special requirements. This means we can achieve very short production times. We would be happy to prepare a quote upon request.

Thermocouples Thermocouples
  • The guarantee for high process reliability
  • Up to 4 years warranty for Type S
  • Separate empty tube for test measurements
  • Complies with AMS 2750 up to Secondary Standard
Oxygen Probes Oxygen Probes
  • Highly accurate reproduction of the Nernst voltage
  • Fully ceramic design
  • Temperature range 480 °C to 1300 °C
  • Without external reference air supply
Test Thermocouples Test Thermocouples
  • Suitable for all thermo-control thermocouples
  • Standard lengths 400 mm to 1500 mm
  • Calibration certificate according to AMS-2750 available
  • Recommended recalibration interval 10 years
Sheathed Thermocouples Mineral insulated Thermocouples
  • Standard with one or two thermocouples
  • Thermocouples as Type J, K, N with metallic sheath
  • Thermocouple of Type S, R, and B with platinum-rhodium sheath
  • Various configurations available
Feedthroughs Feedthroughs
  • Permanently installed cables
  • Replaceable cables
  • For various flanges
  • Various configurations available
Thermocouple connectors according to DIN 50212 Thermocouple connectors
  • According to DIN 50212 Form A (Standard) or B (Miniature)
  • Housing selection from 220 °C to 650 °C continuous load
  • Design with 2 or 3 contacts
  • Marking according to IEC or ANSI colors
Accessories for our products Accessories
  • Thermocouple connectors
  • Process connections and adapters
  • Air supply units
  • Isolation amplifiers
TE_iD Product Data TE_iD Product Data
  • Product data available 24/7
  • Calibration data optionally available
  • Calibration certificates as scanned documents
testWare Device Testing testWare Device Test Management
  • Planning and execution of device tests
  • Flexible representation of operations and tests
  • Object-oriented device structure
  • OpenSource for easy integration