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warranty periode is 4 years for all products.

This warrnty covers all defects related to production such as leakage or incorrect measurement or drifting.

The warranty is granted unless one of the items below applies:

  • at least one ceramic tube is broken
  • the product has been produced, repaired or changed by a third party

Prior exceeding the warranty periode thermo-control offers a calibration measurement at your site. In case of a deviation of more than 0,5% the product will be exchanged by a new one free of charge.

Leak tightness

In most cases a leakage of a thermoelement is an indication of a broken ceramic tube.

The furnace gases may penetrate into the thermoelement cavities and attack the thermowires. The consequence is an incorrect temperature measurement which my end in an incorrect heat treatment of your parts.

In order to avoid the above mentioned mechanism, the design of our thermoelement is constructed to become leaky once the ceramic tube is broken. Nethertheless the leak tightness will be sufficient to start an heat treatment run. Due to fact that very little air can penetrate the graphite heating blocks remain unharmed.

However the leak tightness of the broken thermoelement is not sufficient to generate a high-vacuum, which is needed for production. With the help of this ability the operator is able to recognize the error and replace the broken thermoelement by a new one. Your parts remain save!

If the damage of the thermoelement is discovered early, and it has not been run into a heat-up cycle, there are good chances that the expensive thermowires can br re-used which reduces the repair costs significantly.

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