"The quality of our products directly influences our business"

Our QM system

The QM system of thermo-control Körtvélyessy GmbH autonomously measures various key figures from day-to-day business. These are summarized in quality objectives and environmental objectives.

We have been ISO 9001:2008 certified since July 2010. In 2019, the switch to ISO 9001:2015 will take place together with the planned certification according to ISO 14001:2015. You can download the current certificate.

In preparation for audits, we can give customers and auditors access to our company's quality data in AuditorView. These are linked directly to our ERP WaWiReg in real time.

We have extremely high standards for our products, otherwise a warranty period that is unique worldwide cannot be maintained for decades.

We keep the currently collected key figures transparent and they can be viewed on this page.

Current ISO 9001 certificate
Current ISO 9001 certificate

Our QM policy

The company's quality policy is aimed at achieving the highest level of conformity of products and services to achieve the satisfaction of customers and partners involved. This goal is achieved through the continuous improvement of processes and procedures, the maintenance of existing product quality and proximity to the customer.

Quality objectives

All key figures are combined in two objectives:

95% Delivery reliability (OTD – On-Time-Delivery)
0 Quality incidents (QI – Quality Incidents)

Environmental objectives

The key figures are checked annually for their applicability. The current objectives are:

-5% Paper waste (kg/1,000 EUR turnover)
-5% Packaging waste (kg/1,000 EUR turnover)
-5% Energy consumption (kWh/1,000 EUR turnover)

Current figures

Current evaluations of delivery reliability

Our goal is to deliver on time. This graphic lists the figures for the current year.

Delays are always annoying. The most common reasons for delays are monitored in this graphic.

Embedded QM system

The QM system is embedded directly in the web-based inventory management system WaWiReg and evaluates events from day-to-day business. This means that the QM key figures are collected automatically.

Overview of key figures (as of March 2023) thermo-control
Overview of key figures (as of March 2023)


The AuditorView is a real-time analysis of the current QM system of thermo-control Körtvélyessy GmbH. Auditors and customers can have access to this. No order or personal data is shown. For an overview of the current order data, our customers can use the corresponding customer portal.

AuditorView dashboard with the most important QM data
Overview of key figures (as of March 2023)