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Customized products

Having a flexible manufacturing line available thermo-control GmbH can provide high tech solutions for special customer requirements. Whether it is a special length or mounting systems or even complete new thermocouples we provide a fast and economically feasible solutiuon in short time.


CAD model of a new thermoelement type

The design is based on our 25 years of experience with the help of modern 3D CAD solutions. Above is such an CAD model of a new thermoelement with 4 thermocouples and one empty tube. The design is build for an vacuum application with 10bar cooling pressure. Below is the finalized product ready for service. The complete time from desging to production took less than 3 weeks.

The above CAD model turned into a real product ready for service!

We would be happy to receive your inquiry for a custom made thermoelement using our contact form.


Get in touch with us, using emai or call-back services!



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