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Air supply units


Zeichnung der Luftversorgung

The Air Suppy Units (ASU) provides reference and purging air for an oxygen probe. The correct amount of airflow is controlled by two separate flowmeters. The valves are controlled via 24V DC 120V AC 60Hz or 240V AC 50Hz.

Luftversorgungseinheit mit zusätzlichem Anschluss für Abbrand

The air-outlet fittings are mounted with G1/8" threads. Nozzles for 6mm inner diameter tubes are used as standard. These can be exchanged easily with other fittings with and G1/8 screw. All parts are proteced against dirst and dust in an Aluminum enclosure. The enclosure can be opened any time as the cover is hinged.


  • Power supply via 240AC / 50H
  • optional 24V DC or 120V AC 60Hz
  • A diaphragm pump is used as standard air source
  • optional supply via pneumatic air is possible
  • Fitting with G1/8" thread
  • Standard nozzles for tubes with 6 mm innr diameter
  • Flowmeter reference air (0-20 l/h)
  • Flowmeter purging air (0.200l/h)
  • Additional features upon request


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