Track the status of your devices in real time and at the same time comply with the legal requirements of DGU V3.


Minimize the effort of maintaining the devices with a slim object structure.


Expand and integrate testWare into your existing ERP system using the REST API.

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Mapping the infrastructure

The generic architecture allows you to map your business 1:1 in testWare. It therefore does not matter whether it is a craft business, integration assistance or public administration.

With the testWare Explorer you have the option of creating any type of building, room or parking space. Be it the office, the workshop or the vehicle fleet.

Every infrastructure object represents a parking or storage space for equipment.

Location explorer
Location explorer for a quick mapping of the infrastructure

Representation of tests

The execution of tests is one of the essential features of testWare. The individual design of tests reflects the flexibility of site management. This means that standardized tests, such as device testing according to VDE-0701, can be represented. Factory-specific test methods can also be created.

The hierarchy of tests follows the levels:

  • Regulations
  • Requirements
  • Test step

Following the example above, the regulation would be VDE-0701 Part 1, the requirement would be testing according to protection class 1 and the test step would be measuring the leakage current.

The test steps can query 3 different states:


The simple query as to whether the required condition is met or not.


Extended query as to whether the measured value reaches a target value or not. This can be a maximum or minimum value.


Extended query as to whether the measured value is within a tolerance of a target value. The tolerance can be set absolutely or as a percentage.

Query individual test steps
Query individual test steps

Object structure of the devices

Devices are defined via products. Devices adopt the properties and documents stored in the products. This approach enables simplified maintenance of devices.

If, for example, an operating manual changes, it only needs to be changed in the product. All referenced devices adopt the new document automatically.

Location explorer

Powerful REST API

The testWare can also be operated via a REST API. This is very practical for automated tasks or integration into your existing ERP solution.

Communication takes place via defined endpoints and a corresponding HTTP header. As an example GET::testware.io/api/v3/locations requests a list of all locations. The API responds with a list in JSON format.

        "id": 1,
        "name": "Werk Bruchsal",
        "adresse": {
            "strasse": "Christiane-Brandt-Platz",
            "nr": "67",
            "plz": "63550",
            "ort": "Bruchsal"

Read the complete documentation for the current version 1.7 at docs.testware.io.

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