Bye bye WordPress - Hello jigsaw

Bye bye WordPress - Hello jigsaw cover image

Posted on 10.07.2024

WordPress is the most commonly used format when it comes to designing websites. With a wealth of plug-ins, all wishes can be realized.

  1. As well as WordPress has served us in the past, two key aspects speak in favor of a change
  2. The widespread use makes this platform a popular target for attacks. Updates therefore have to be checked and carried out regularly so that security gaps can be closed promptly. A lot of plugins use services for Google or require working with tracking. We have no interest in collecting and evaluating our visitors' data.
  3. The numerous uses of database actions and plugins delay the loading and display of the website.

Therefore, we have decided to use the jigsaw engine to create static websites. This way we remain dynamic and fast, which suits our work mentality.