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Vacuum thermoelement

Symbol für VakuumöfenAvailable versions

Electric connection: Ceramic terminals ( red +, white -)
  • Type S (PtRh10% - Pt)
  • Type R (PtRh13% - Pt)
  • Type B (PtRh30% - PtRh6%)
Number of build-in TC:
  • 1 - 3
Separate empty tube enables in-situ calibration measurement of built-in thermocouples with a calibrational thermocouple
Standard lengths from 400mm to 1500mm in 100mm steps
Warranty period 4 years after delivery against drift and broken thermocouple-wires
Standard delivery time 3 days EXW
Sealed All thermocouples are 100% Helium leak validated. The result is documented in the manufacturer's certificate.
Pressure range max pe = 21 bar
Standard mechanical fittings:
  Pressure pe
Fittings 6 bar 11 bar 21 bar
Flange DIN KF NW 25
Flange DIN KF NW 40
Compression fitting Ø22
M36x2 thread with AF41


5bar pressure

Fitting furnace side with small flange DIN 28403 NW 25

Specification 13-0503-KF25 Drawing thermocouple Drawing fitting furnace side
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