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manufactures high-end PtRh - Pt thermoelements (type S PtRh10%-Pt, type R PtRh13% and type B PtRh30% - PtRh6%). The patented design allows a unique performance in lifetime and accuracy.

One important design feature is the use of different wire diameters. The different aging of the wire materials is hereby compensated. The result is a thermocouple which will never drift! In the past 25 years with more than 6000 thermoelements manufactured none has been returned due to drifting.

Each thermocouple has an additional empty tube in which a single thermoelement can be inserted. This enables a calibration measurement t on build-in thermocouples. Based on the design of separate protection tubes, the calibration measurement does not influence the other build in thermocouples.

thermoelements are designed for mainly two types of furnaces:

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Inert gas atmosphere

  • Fitting with screw or steel tubes for compression fittings
  • Gas sealed ceramic protection tubes
  • Pressure tight up to 2 bar
  • Immune to thermal shocks
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Vacuum atmosphere

  • Fitting with small flange or steel tubes for compression fittings
  • Vacuum tight design
  • 100% He- leak rate tested
  • Pressure tight to 20 bar
  • Immune to thermal shocks
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All thermoelements receive a serial number to allow a tracking through their lifetime. The thermo wires are certified based on a measurements at the molten fix points of Palladium and Gold. The complete thermoelement receives a certificate in accordance to DIN 60584-2 (IEC 584-2) or AMS 2750 specification.

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  • Number of build in thermocouples: 1
  • Number of empty tubes: 1
  • Number of calibrational tube: 1
  • request for quotation
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Custom made thermocouple

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